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Melody and verse have always been instinctive forms of self-expression for Lindzey Autumn. The 24-year-old grew up humming her own tunes as she hunted for insects in her mother’s garden, or dancing and laughing with her two younger siblings while their father strummed his guitar. Lindzey started her lifelong habit of keeping a daily journal when she was only six. Actual song lyrics made their appearance when she needed to express the tumultuous feelings prompted by her family’s migration to Boise, ID, when she was eleven. She wrapped up her first completed song at age twelve, and her father began teaching her basic guitar chords shortly thereafter. Other than her father’s instruction, various youTube tutorials, and a brief, 3-month stint of voice lessons at age 16, Lindzey’s vocal and guitar technique are entirely self-taught. She released her first home-produced title “Headlights” in 2018 with the help of her friend Terry Zorich. Now, with the help of Nightowl Studios, she is thrilled to introduce her first official release, “Bad Influence.” Music has been Lindzey’s comfort and companion her entire life. Now her music can be your friend as well. Whether you feel joyful and empowered or somber and introspective, nothing reaches the recesses of the human soul like music. You don’t have to be alone in your feelings.




11.6.2021 - Lowman Inn - Lowman ID

10.22.2021 - Lindsay Creek Vineyards - Lewiston, ID

10.21.2021 - Sapphire Room[Ladies of Country and Americana] - Boise, ID

8.26.2021 - Ironwood Social [Open for Claudia Hoyser] - Garden City, ID

7.30.2021 - Big House Brew Pub - Walla Walla, WA

7.29.2021 - Eternal Wines - Walla Walla, WA

7.20.2021 - JUMP Center [JUMP, Jam, and Jive] - Boise, ID

7.3.2021 -  Olde Tyme 4th Celebration Festival - Melba ID

6.26.2021 - Terrace Lakes Wine and Art Festival - Garden Valley, ID

6.13.2021 - The Sandbar - Boise, ID

6.7.2021 -  Ironwood Social songwriter showcase - Garden City, ID

5.22.2021 - Pine Resort and Motel - Pine, ID

4.17.2021 - Koto Brewing Co [open for Aaron Golay] ​- Twin Falls, ID


10.17.2020 - Kerry Hill Winery [Wine Stomp Event] - Wilder, ID

10.3.2020 - Idaho City Days Fesitval[Gold Mine Saloon] - Idaho City, ID

9.19.2020 -Strength to Thrive Suicide Prevention Concert - MIddleton ID

 3.7.2020 - Lock Stock and Barrel Steakhouse - Boise, ID

2.14.2020 - The Arid Club- Boise, ID

1.30.2020 - Shadow Puppet Brewing Co  - LIvermore, CA


10.6.2019 - Idaho City Days Festival [ Gold Mine Saloon] - Idaho City, ID

9.28.2019 - Idaho Faces of Recovery [Kliener Park] - Meridian, ID

9.19.2019 - Cameron’s Pub - Half Moon Bay, CA

7.25.2019 - Eternal Wines - Walla Walla, WA

1.8.2019 - Stories Coffee w/Dan Costello - Boise, ID



10.25.2018 - EastSide Bar w/Jonathan Pierce Project - Portland OR

9.22.2018 -  Yellow Brick Cafe - Twin Falls, ID

9.21.2018 - St Paul’s Fall Fair - Nampa, ID

5.20.2018 - Fox Coffee House - Long Beach, CA



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