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Lindzey Autumn is a singer-songwriter whose music transcends mere melodies and lyrics, delving deep into the realm of emotion and introspection. With a voice that can soothe your soul one moment and shatter it the next, Lindzey is a luminary in the world of music, crafting moody and soulful compositions that speak to the depths of the human experience.

Early Life and Influences

Born on a winter evening in a small town on the outskirts of San Francisco, California, Lindzey’s journey into music was almost preordained. Growing up in a musically rich environment, she was raised on a diet of bluegrass, blues, and 80’s rock. Her parents, both avid music enthusiasts, filled their home with the likes of Alison Krauss, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac, leaving an indelible mark on young Lindzey. However, it was a pivotal move to Boise, Idaho in her late childhood that would transform her musical path. The rugged beauty of Idaho's landscapes, with its sweeping plains, majestic mountains, and serene lakes ignited a creative spark within Lindzey. The vast expanse of nature seemed to resonate with her soul, and she found herself drawn to the solitude of the wilderness. Lindzey's connection to the Idaho landscape continues to be a driving force in her songwriting, making her an artist whose melodies echo the heart of the Gem State.

Musical Odyssey

Lindzey’s fascination with songwriting began at an early age, as she used her diary to pour out her emotions and translate them into verse. Her journey into the world of music officially began when she picked up her father’s dusty acoustic guitar at the age of 12. A self-taught musician, she struggled to find her niche over years of trial and error. It was only when she began venturing into live performance at open mics, surrounded by other dreamers and seekers, that she began to carve out her own unique style.

Lindzey Autumn’s sound is a mesmerizing fusion of folk, blues, and country. Her lyrics are deeply introspective, exploring themes of heartbreak, self-discovery, and the human condition. Her music is a journey through the shadows of the heart, embracing the complexities and moody nuances of life.

Notable Works

Lindzey's debut album, "Headlights," released in 2018, was a testament to her songwriting prowess and set the stage for her melancholic, folk sound. Tracks like "Life Line" and "Wings" showcased her ability to create hauntingly beautiful melodies with lyrics that cut to the core.

In 2023, Lindzey released "Hurt Me", a single that elevated her to new heights in the local scene. The single, with its haunting piano and raw vocals, was a reflection of her growth as an artist, capturing the essence of her soulful undertones.

Live Performances

Lindzey Autumn’s live performances are nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether she's performing in a cozy, dimly lit club or on a grand stage, her ethereal presence and emotive delivery have the power to transport her audience to a world of melancholic introspection. But it’s in those cozy, intimate room settings where she truly shines, touching the hearts of all those who listen.


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